Our vision is to 
change the world 
through algae solutions 
that are sustainable
and high performance

Algae photobioreactor, with two reactor vessels and red and blue leds


Accelerate your algal research program with our flagship, innovative lab-scale photobioreactor, providing  reliable, predictable microalgal cultivation, optimisation & biological characterisation:

  • two fully controllable reactor vessels
  • precision modelling of light and temp
  • temp range 4-50 degrees C
  • low sheer, innovative mixing mechanism 
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    Experts in Algal Biology

    We aim to be experts in all things algal biology.  Our mission is to provide products (Algem®) and services (Algenious®) that help our customers discover, optimise, improve, engineer, and analyse algae strains. 

    Through our own R&D program, we are making microalgae work for industrial applications.

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    Algae research scientist pipetting

    Algenious® Services

    Algenious is our comprehensive suite of microalgal cell and molecular biology services and technologies designed to support three vital and complementary areas within algal biotechnology:

    • Non-GMO Strain Discovery and Development Suite
    • Strain Engineering Suite
    • Strain Analytics

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      Algenuity for...

      Algae scientist using microscope for algal research


      We provide products and services to support and accelerate your algal research as well as collaborative research opportunities, including:
      • Algem photobioreactor and Algem growth optimisation services
      • Transcriptomics & metabolomics service
      • Algenious microalgal transformation & support service

      Algae raceway pond production system for scale-up in Arizona

      Small & Medium Enterprises

      We offer a suite of products, services and technologies aimed at driving innovation and enabling SMEs to go faster to achieve their business milestones, or to effectively explore new products or new sustainable routes to market.

      We also carefully consider collaborative research, joint business ventures and strategic partnering.
      Rainforest  in Costa Rica

      Multinational Companies

      We welcome the opportunity to work with multinational companies under formal research contracts, technology licensing agreements, collaborative research agreements and strategic partnering. 

      We offer key enabling algal biotechnology technologies allowing multinationals to meet their research and product development targets and progress towards achieving sustainability goals, as well as to unlock new products and markets.
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