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We provide products and services to support and accelerate your algal research as well as collaborative research opportunities.


Our Algem labscale photobioreactor has been adopted by leading algal research groups, international companies and national microalgal strain collections and is continuing to develop momentum as a research workhorse to drive the production of high quality, reproducible and transferable data. Algem is currently available within the UK, has been launched in France during 2015 with launches in wider parts of Europe and the Middle East toward the end of 2015. 

Contact us to arrange a demo - we are confident that this product will accelerate and strongly support your algal research programs. We offer 1 month trial units, rental options and purchase options plus price reductions on our Super-Algem triple, racked system. We work closely with all our customers in an effort to help them get the best performance out of their Algem system as well as to provide training and ongoing service support. 

Algem Growth Optimisation Services  

Algem is part of the way we support and accelerate our own research and development. We have a dedicated bank of Algem units within our lab, that enable us to create a matrix of reactors that can be operated in parallel. This allows us to rapidly identify desirable sets of cultivation conditions or to produce high quality biomass under controlled conditions for experimental analysis. By accessing Algem's at our combined manufacturing and R&D facility in Bedfordshire, you also access our team of algal biologists. We would be happy to work with you under a research sub-contract or within a collaboration project to support your algal research. We strive to deliver an individualised service to all our clients and collaborators.

Strain Analytics - Transcriptomics and Metabolomics Service

High quality research demands time-sensitive, high quality data generation and expert analyses. We are algal experts and can offer customised solutions to your NGS-data production and analyses. We can also offer a similar quality and timeliness of service with regard to a suite of metabolomic analyses. Each of our customers is offered individualised consultation as a standard component within any contract or sub-contract.  

Algenious Strain Improvement and Transformation Service 

We offer a comprehensive suite of services ranging from isolating and characterisation of new microalgal strains, developing robust transformation protocols, through to high-level synthetic biology, design-based strain engineering. Please contact us if you would like additional information. 

Collaborative Research and Training

We also operate within collaborative consortia with academic research groups as well as SME's and multinational companies. We carefully consider invitations to participate within collaborative research consortia where the goals are aligned closely with our business objectives and principles.

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