Algem® algae photobioreactor

Algem® - Environment Modelling Labscale Photobioreactor

What is the Algem®?

  • a flask-based two-unit labscale photobioreactor for accelerating algae and cyanobacteria research models precise light, temperature, mixing, aeration, and pH environments for algae growth
  • provides automated real-time growth and pH monitoring and can generate days, weeks, and months of data 

Unlike other systems on the market that are often bioreactors with crudely bolted-on lights and not completely fit for purpose, the Algem® was designed by our team of algal R&D scientists specifically to drive forward algal biology research.

We are proud to offer you the Algem® that fulfils our wish list of being simple and easy to use, producing ample amounts of high quality data, providing maximum hardware functionality and software flexibility for almost endless experimental possibilities, and allowing you to go faster and remove the inefficiencies of manual measurements, biofouling, unnecessary repeats, and unwanted optical/thermal noise that clouds research conclusions.

Download a copy of the Algem®  brochure here

Algem photobioreactor customers include - Cambridge, SAMS, UCL, Exeter, Cranfield, Durham, Imperial College, Greenwich, Bath, Sheffield, Rothamsted, Plymouth
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