Algem Training

Next Algem training dates

  • Thursday 18th January 2018 at our site in Stewartby, UK
  • See details below for more information

Why Algem training?

  • Laboratories often experience annual turnover of research staff and students that include primary trained Algem users.
  • Algem best practices are lost in this turnover, and new Algem users begin from scratch by either using the Algem inefficiently and ineffectively or sometimes grossly misusing or damaging the Algem.
  • In response to this need, Algenuity offers a one day Algem training course to train new users or refresh previous users in Algem best practices.

What is included in the Algem training day?

The one day Algem training includes best practices on the following topics:
  • Understand the key components and their settings
  • Bung/flask stopper configuration
  • Inoculation and seed train
  • Use of the gas lines and gas flow gauges
  • Window shade and flask collars
  • Software setup
  • Creating and editing profiles
  • Geographical modelling
  • Optical denisty (OD) measurements
  • Viewing data
  • pH probe setup and calibration
  • Lab and software practicals

When, where, and how much?

When - The Algem training day takes place at various dates during the year.  The next training date will be on
Thursday 18th January 2018 at our site in Stewartby, UK.

Where - The Algem training day takes place at our site in Stewartby, UK.  However, Algem training can also take place at your site.  Please contact us below for further details on this option.

How much? -  The cost for training on our site is £300 per person with a £50 discount for PHYCONET members.

Funding for the training is available to eligible PHYCONET members - for more details, see the Training & Conference Funding section on the PHYCONET website:

Contact us for more information

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