Algenious® algal biology services

Algenious - Discover, Optimise, Improve

We are changing the world through algae solutions that are sustainable, cost-competitive and high performance

  • Applying our expertise in microalgae and synthetic biology to make plant-based biologics accessible
  • Reducing dependence on finite natural resources
  • Reducing your reliance on petroleum-based chemicals and processes
  • A track record of creating solutions to unique problems

We are world experts in algal biology. Our Algenious platform is a set of research services spanning direct fee-for-service contract research, collaborative research and joint ventures.

Our capabilities fall into three major categories: Strain Discovery and Development; Strain Engineering and Strain Analytics.

Strain Discovery and Development Suite

  • Bioprospecting
  • Growth Optimisation
  • Directed Evolution 
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    Strain Engineering Suite

    • Lipids
    • Proteins
    • Metabolic Engineering 
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      Strain Analytics

      • Transcriptomics
      • Metabolomics Analysis 
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