Bioprospecting & Strain Characterisation

Bioprospecting & Strain Characterisation

There are an estimated 2 million plus microalgae species with only a few hundred characterised at all, less than 50 strains currently being exploited in any kind of commercial sense with only a handful representing the dominant industrial players at the present time.

  • We have developed our own in-house process to discover and characterise microalgal strains from essentially any environment and, if desired, to rapidly drill down to identify those strains that possess a unique combination of commercially exploitable characteristics related to biochemical composition, growth characteristics and scalability.
  • In addition to discovering and characterising new strains – we can work with existing strains, including proprietary strains, to validate or extend published studies, or to investigate new applications for your research or commercial targets.


  • We can help you to discover strains uniquely adapted to your desired environmentincluding strains that might be living literally on your doorstep. By characterising and developing locally adapted strains we are choosing to work with rather than against nature.
  • By identifying locally sourced microalgal strains , we can help you to avoid commercial exploitation issues arising from application of the Nagoya protocol.
  • By using our in-house, proven process, supported by a specialised team of algal biologists we can help you to accelerate your research and development projects .


We tailor our service to understand and meet your specific project needs while maintaining a close, interactive dialogue with you throughout the process.

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