Directed Evolution

Directed Evolution

Relative productivities of microalgal strains can be limited by genetically-determined sensitivities to environmental conditions or by inherent biochemical limitations resulting, for instance, from metabolic carbon flux through the cell.

  • Through a non-GMO approach, we can subject microalgal strains to specific selection criteria and screens to identify improved strains for a given desired trait or productivity.
  • This can include but is not limited to: temperature or light sensitivities/dependencies, resistances to natural selective pressures.


  • Create stable, desirable changes based upon changes to the genome through a non-GMO approach.
  • Raise productivities, expand opportunities for new products or cultivation site or limit seasonal losses or reductions in productivities.
  • Algem-coupled UV-driven mutagenesis or chemical mutagenesis approaches.
  • Validation against Algem® precision modeled culture environments. 


  • A baseline productivity and sensitivity screen starts the process.
  • A selection strategy is designed based upon your requirements and desired output.
  • Rounds of selection pressure and screens are applied with resultant strains subjected to new baseline analyses at each step.
  • Transcriptomics and/or metabolomics analyses can be applied as desired.
  • Stability of strains is evaluated through continuous cultivation under non-selective and selective conditions.

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