Growth Optimisation

Growth Optimisation

The ability to create precisely controlled, predictable culture environmentsis essential to any strain optimisation process.

  • Our Algem® labscale photobioreactorprovides a superior platform for the rapid optimisation of microalgal strain growth and/or performance. 
  • Within a defined, rapid process, strains can be optimised to realise significant improvements in performance. 


  • By identifying the intersection points where combinations of multiple parameters may interact to influence strain growth and productivities, savings in time can be identified at a minimum, as well as triggering conditions identified that elicit the production of specific desired chemicals or specifically desired chemical profiles or biomass compositions.
  • We have a track record of successful application of our Design of Experiments (DoE) Algem-supported process to the optimised growth of many industrially and newly identified strains. This knowhow is brought to all projects. 
  • A matrix of dedicated Algem labscale photobioreactors and expert algal biologists will work with you to achieve your experimental goals. 


  • An experimental flowchart is created for each project, with essential dependent modules and optional modules identified that can be chosen by you before the project commences. 
  • Baseline growth data is obtained at project start. 
  • Optional, transcriptome and/or metabolomics analyses can also be provided within a project plan to monitor and understand the impact of growth optimisations. 

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