• Microalgae are superior to other industrial micro-organisms in the diversity and commercial importance of the fatty acids that they produce;
  • There is a huge diversity of fatty acid profiles as well as biochemical structures within the microalgae;
  • Commercial activities have demonstrated the relative plasticity and amenability of microalgal fatty acid profiles to engineering;
  • Fatty acid profiles for a given microalgal strain are influenced through a combination of genetics and the cultivation environment, including temperature, light, pH, carbon source etc.

    Algenious lipid engineering – broad power – rapid development – strong IP potential

    • Our insertional mutagenesis platform has been successfully applied in diverse microalgal strains to create lipid-shifted strains
    • Creates a tagged library of single-copy insertions that can be combined with a phenotype screen to identify desirable changes in biochemical output 
    • Not limited to a well-characterised microalgal strain – potentially applicable to any microalgal strain 
    • Our technology can be used as part of a broader strategy to identify key metabolic engineering targets for more sophisticated genome engineering approaches or for longer term IP R&D strategies.

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