Multinational Companies

We welcome the opportunity to work with multinational companies under formal research contracts, technology licensing agreements, collaborative research agreements and strategic partnering. We offer key enabling algal biotechnology technologies allowing multinationals to meet their research and product development targets and progress towards achieving sustainability goals, as well as to unlock new products and markets.

Environmental, Societal, Regulatory and Economic drivers all have a strong bearing on multinational companies. Algae represent an opportunity to reduce environmental footprints or impact (through waste mitigation) while improving overall sustainability of manufacturing or process development. Opportunities to investigate the production of bio-based substitutes or completely new products or product pipelines are also offered by the breadth and depth of algal biodiversity and its underlying biologies and chemistries. Lastly, the coupling of modern synthetic biology or non-GMO strain improvement approaches to this biodiversity opens up strong commercial opportunities.

We have assembled a team of algal experts who will work with you to provide high quality contract research, develop technology licensing agreements (to enable commercial exploitation for our in-house developed IP) and allow you to meet your business objectives.

Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of algal-based processes and products to achieve lasting positive global impact. 

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