• Microalgae strains can be transformed; this is not restricted to Chlamydomonas reinhardtii – despite the dominance of this organism in academic publications;
  • Certain microalgal strains can compete with yeast in terms of biomass yield/unit volume when grown heterotrophically;
  • The flexibility of growth modes and the novelty and diversity of intracellular biochemistries offers unique opportunities for expression of recombinant proteins for industrial application;
  • Algae represent potential delivery systems for diverse applications including animal health and well-being.

Algenious® recombinant proteins – broad potential - sustainable – novel hosts – delivery systems

  • Suite of vectors and strains with options for nuclear or chloroplast expression;
  • Choice of several proven, industrially scalable microalgal chassis hosts and expression control;
  • Potential for expression of difficult to express plant enzymes or within your novel application;
  • World-leading expert team of algal molecular biologists with continual R&D development core;
  • Individualised problem-solving approach with growing client portfolio.

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