Responsible Innovation

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Responsible Innovation

We  believe in using science for good and believe that algae can change the world.

On a global level, algae already play a substantial role in our lives, through such basic areas as provision of the majority of the oxygen that we breathe, to being at the base of many foodchains to being harnessed industrially for aquaculture feed or grown under highly-controlled conditions for the industrial biotechnology based production of omega-3 fatty acids that are incorporated into many products that we consume, not least infant formulas. It is highly likely that, through the ongoing efforts of academic researchers, research consortia and businesses, that algae will take an increasingly important place in our future societies.     

Algae has received considerable press and governmental attention due to the observation that algae based-fuels have the potential to outperform other types of traditional and new forms of  energy including solar. As an alternative to biodiesel, algae fuel has been successfully tested by the US Navy; United Airlines ran an the first algae-product powered passenger flight in 2011.

The US Department of Energy claims that algae yields are between 10 and 100 higher than traditional biofuels. With ever increasing  pressure on food and farmland, we believe algae to be more sustainable than its biofuel and biodiesel alternatives such as jatropha, soybean and sunflowers, which require the diversion of agricultural resources. 

Algae’s benefits are not limited to fuels but also play an important role in the development of food, nutraceuticals and personal care products.

At Algenuity, we believe that microalgae offer new opportunities for the development of more sustainable bio-based substitutes as well as opportunities for the sustainable production of virtually any plant-based secondary metabolite. This includes but is not limited to bioactive plant compounds that could represent new pipelines for pharmaceuticals or biopesticides/crop protection agents. As such algal biotechnology is being developed to look towards the future needs of this planet and the growing world population.

We believe that responsible innovation principles must be incorporated within our business and our technology development. As such, we work with local education bodies, thought leaders and members of regulatory bodies as well as drawing upon the expertise of our own advisory board to thoughtfully consider the benefits versus potential costs of our technology development in order to make decisions in a responsible and responsive manner.

We believe that algae can change the world.

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