Algenuity for SMEs

From exploring new products, proof or concept or feasibility studies to contract services where our expert knowhow is unmatched, we offer a suite of products, services and technologies aimed at driving innovation and enabling SMEs to go faster to achieve their business objectives.

Algem Optimisation Services and Non-GMO Services

We can work with you as an existing algal company to improve your outputs, identify cost-saving measures and develop new, robust strains for ongoing industrial exploitation.

Strain Analytics  

Our strain analytics suite will support your ongoing business development efforts - access our expert team. We pride ourselves on working effectively with every client to achieve the time-sensitive delivery of high quality, analysed data. 


Of course, if you would like to purchase an Algem or Algems to drive your own optimisation process at your site, we would be more than happy to open a dialogue with you in order to understand and meet your business needs. We have sold or rented Algems to academic research groups, strain banks, SMEs and multinational companies.  

Joint Ventures or Collaborative Research Agreements

Exploring algae as an alternative platform for biomass production, for proteins, for animal feed, for aquaculture feed or other specialised application? We would be happy to work with you through an individualised contract that could even lead to a joint venture. We are currently working within two dedicated research consortia and in the process of negotiating joint ventures and technology licensing agreements.

Through our close involvement within EABA (European Algal Biomass Association) and Phyconet and ABO (Algal Biomass Organization) as well as our own in-house R&D, we have relevant industry and current research knowledge that we apply to any potential contract to deliver a combination of best practice or beyond state-of-the-art technology.

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