Non-GMO Strain Discovery and Development

Non-GMO Strain Discovery and Development Suite

Microalgae represent a wealthy biodiversity of organisms within which unique, commercially exploitable organisms exist. Some of these organisms have been characterised, but many more are awaiting discovery.

Within our Non-GMO Strain Discovery and Development Suite we offer our clients, collaborators or partners services ranging from 1) bioprospecting for new strains that have the potential to be uniquely exploited for a particular product or market or within a particular environment or production paradigm to 2) optimisation of existing strains or new strains for improved growth performance or product yield or adaptation to a new culture media, for instance, incorporating waste material and 3) a directed evolution program to drive existing strains through particular sets of culture conditions including controlled exposure to mutagenic agents in order to select for strain variants with improved traits, such as improved growth, alterations in temperature, light or pH tolerance, or shifted metabolic output.


  • Freshwater, brackish water, marine, extreme environments
  • Strain isolation process tailored to your specific needs
  • Strain characterisation:
    • cellular morphology     
    • phylogeny (18S & cox1 DNA sequences & ID/nearest neighbour classification)
    • growth on media panel
    • biochemical profile
  • Industrial scalability trait evaluation
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    Growth Optimisation

    • Broadly applicable to any strain
    • Proven, Rapid Design of Experiments (DoE) Algem approach
    • Predictable strain performance
    • Identification of key combinations of growth-promoting/influencing parameters
    • Balanced biomass quality and quantity approach

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      Directed Evolution

      • Trait improvement process supported by Algem growth analyses and biological characterisation
      • UV or chemically-driven changes coupled with effective screens & experimental design
      • Stable trait changes
      • Transcriptome/metabolome baseline before and after 
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