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Accelerate your algal research program with our flagship, innovative lab-scale photobioreactor, providing reliable, predictable microalgal cultivation, optimisation & biological characterisation:


  • two fully controllable reactor vessels
  • precision modelling of light and temp
  • temp range 4-50 degrees C
  • low sheer, innovative mixing mechanism
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Experts in Algal Biology

We aim to be experts in all things algal biology.  Our mission is to provide products (Algem®) and services (Algenious®) that help our customers discover, optimise, improve, engineer, and analyse algae strains. 


Through our own R&D program, we are making microalgae work for industrial applications.

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Algenious® Services

Algenious is our comprehensive suite of microalgal cell and molecular biology services and technologies designed to support three vital and complementary areas within algal biotechnology:


  • Non-GMO Strain Discovery and Development Suite
  • Strain Engineering Suite
  • Strain Analytics
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Algenuity for...