Algenuity Newsletter - December 2017 #3

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  • 21 Dec, 2017
Welcome to the December edition of our quarterly Algenuity newsletter!

We hope this newsletter will help you make the most of your Algem labscale photobioreactor, keep you updated on the latest Algenuity news and partnership opportunities, and also show you some interesting algal research examples from our lab and around the world.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! : )
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Algenuity is hiring!

We are looking for two outstanding candidates for the following two positions:

1. Chief Scientific Officer -
2. Technical Sales and Product Support -

Deadline is 19th January 2018. Check out the links. Please share and spread the word! Thank you!
The Algenuity team enjoying a steak barbecue in October 2017

Algenuity on the Road!

Our CEO, Dr. Andrew Spicer, has been invited to speak at the UK Microalgal Biotechnology: Creating a Unified Vision held on 1st – 2nd February, 2018 in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Andrew will be speaking in the session titled "Challenges and opportunities as seen by established SMEs in the UK".

Meet an Algem user

We recently got in touch with Dr. Yanan Xu , a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Pat Harvey 's algal research lab at the University of Greenwich. Yanan was one of the first academic Algem users and has been using the Algem for almost 5 years! Read more here .
We would love to hear from you, our Algem users, and we would be honoured if you can share some of your experiences using our photobioreactor! If you wish to be part of an Algem user interview, please contact Mike Yates at, and we will get in touch with you. Thank you!

Triple Algem installed at University of Bielefeld!

Last week, our team installed three Algems in the Algae Biotechnology & Bioenergy Research Group of Professor Olaf Kruse at the University of Bielefeld.
Our team had a great time visiting the Kruse lab, and our Algenuity lab team looks forward to working with the Kruse lab in an upcoming Horizon 2020 algal synthetic biology grant that begins in March 2018 (more to be announced in the March 2018 newsletter).
Henry and Gavin from Algenuity with Kyle (middle) from Olaf Kruse's lab

That's it for now!

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See you in three months!

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